Valle Brembana

Valle Brembana - Brembana Valley Bergamo

People's character and physical endurance have been formed over the years. This explains such a great inhabitant's devotion to their land. Tourism in the Brembana Valley is increasing a lot even without particular advertising campaigns.

The most traditional foodstuffs of the Brembana Valley are diary produces well known in Italy; they are Formai de Mut, Branzi and Taleggio. Each of them has a guarantee of typicality. Formai de Mut is a rich, half-cooked paste cheese with a delicate and scented flavour, not too salted or spiced. It's made in Alpine huts from July to September.

The Brembana Valley is known by everyone thanks to its natural beauties and wonderful landscapes, for its health and ski resorts and its thermal spas. The Brembana Valley is also an extraordinary place rich of art and traditions. The great wealth of the Brembana Valley museums deserves to be better known and appreciate because of its real value and the care in the conservation of the manufactured articles.

The variety of the Orobie and Prealpes ground, with different expositions to the climatic influences coming from the plain, has its most evident result in the great variety of the flora. You can find chestnuts only in the low valley because at a low altitude its natural place is occupied by coppices. Between 600 and 1500 metres there are beeches, horn beams, hazels and others trees such as alders, ashes, silver poplars and birches. Sometimes you can see age-old beeches in grazing or near ancient nets with decoy for attracting birds.

During the last years there has been a sensible increase in the number of some species of animals of the Brembana Valley, thanks to a greater protection, a greater strictness in hunting and above all a greater civil awareness and respect towards the nature. What's more, in those last decades the coppice hasn't been cut and this has made life easy to some animals that live in those woods.